Electric Suspended Platform Max 1000

Electric Suspended Platform Max 1000

The Electric Suspended Platform Max 1000 is used to facilitate work in medium-sized or large buildings, at any stage of finishing or maintenance. 

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Unique in the market with a Double “anti-inclination” and “anti-acceleration” Fall Prevention Device, which provides maximum safety for the operators. The activation device at a distance (push button), the fall prevention device with manual activation and work platform with more free space offer much greater comfort in operating the equipment. Extremely reliable and with a modern design it is very practical and easy to assemble, as piercing pins and staples are provided, allowing less assembly, movement and maintenance time. It has modular platforms from 2 to 8 meters in length and capacity of up to 500 kilos.


The Menegotti Electrical Rocker strictly adheres to all the user protection parameters and exceeds the safety standards of the Ministry of Employment of Brazil. Technical Delivery: We make available a highly qualified team to execute training regarding equipment assembly and maintenance.  Optional accessories: Support Caster, Separators, Reels, Counterweight and electrical power supply Cable.

Compositions 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 m
Composition Weight 320 - 360 - 420 - 450 - 485 - 580 kg
Load capacity 680 - 640 - 580 - 550 - 515 - 420 kg
Lifting speed 10 m/min.
Platform Width 75 cm
Angle of Plataform 3º a 8º (after fall arrest activation)
Maximum Locking distance 100 mm
Steel Cable Specification Ø 8,3 mm • Construction • 4 x 31 • Fiber Core (FC)
Steel Cable Length 100 or 50 m
Engine Electric • 4 Poles • Three Phase • 2 hp • Motor Brake • 220V or 380V
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