Adjustable Column Hoist 200kg

Adjustable Column Hoist 200kg

Designed to lift 200. Ideal for lifting concrete, an equipment of very low maintenance and great precision capability in performing works.

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The Menegotti Column Hoists were developed with cutting edge technology to handle raising small and large load volumes. These machines require little maintenance and have excellent accuracy capacity in executing work.

Among the column winch models available Menegotti supplies different types as per electrical voltage and load capacities. They are as follows: 200 kg single phase and three phase and 400 kg single phase and three phase.  As an optional accessory, we also make available the 50 liter bucket.

Type MGC 200
Load Lifting Capacity 200 kg
Elevation Speed 25 m/min.
Lifting Height 30/60 m
Steel Cable Diameter 4 mm • 5⁄₃₂" in • pulg - Antitorção
Arm’s Rotation Angle 180b
Engine Electric (IP55) • 4 Polos Single Phase • 1,25 hp • 110/220V Three Phase • 1,25 hp • 220/380V
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