About us

About us

The MGT is a brand of the Menegotti group responsible for selling products of the Handling line. Strength, safety and a great cost benefit for you to reach the best results posible using our MGT brand.

On the Market for 20 years (before 2018 named as Menegotti brand) the MGT already sold more than 100 thousand products, where half of this number sold in the last 5 years.

This new brand strategy and a significant expansion of the products line in the last 3 years, was born the MGT (an abbreviation of Menegotti), having all the knowledge and the Menegotti quality standard alreadyestablished in the market.

Performance in the Market

The brand performs in a diversified manner, always maintaining balance and safety regarding the various scenarios, which the market presents. The main markets of performance are as follows: Builders, Lessors, Resales and Home Centers.

More than a thousand customers are currently served by selling MGT products. For this, it has a structure prepared to provide the best service possible. Menegotti has an excellent team of sales representatives operating nationwide, supported by regional sales managers, after sales and sales staff. Thus ensuring a fast and effective service.

Foreign Market

Menegotti entered the foreign market in 1974, the year in which it made its first exportation. At the time, it already had wide experience in international relations by partnerships established and by importing process machines and equipment.
Currently, the company has distributors in more than 40 countries in the world, mainly in South America, North America and Africa. Menegotti exports on average 20% of the production, the concrete mixers representing the product most sold abroad.
With expansions plans the company inaugurated its first international unit, Menegotti North America, located in Atlanta in the United States, an action that took Menegotti to a multinational level.

Engineering and Quality Control

MGT products are different in terms of quality and design.
In our factory, we have a modern structure with high quality control, including laboratories, instruments, control systems and highly trained and effective personnel. This guarantees the quality standard that we are committed to following.Os processos de corte, estamparia, usinagem, dobra, solda, pintura e montagem são realizados com equipamentos modernos.
We have a European = CE Certification Seal on all our products.


MGT works hard and never stops!

There are more than 20 products of different characteristics, mobility, and functions, divided into the product families below:

  • Electric fork-lift
  • Semi Eletric fork-lift
  • Manual fork-lift
  • Electric Transpallet
  • Manual Transpallet
  • Inox Transpallet
  • Hydraulic Scissor cart
  • Scissor Table

Technical Capacitation

Opened on May 28, 2010, the “CTM” – Menegotti Technical Training is an exclusive space for theoretical and practical training of the Menegotti product lines, both for customers, as well as technical assistants and Menegotti employees. “CTM” has a wide environment and the availability of various equipment (machines and tools), in addition to trained professionals to carry out the training. These are carried out according to a schedule at CTM’s headquarters in Jaraguá do Sul / SC.
The main objective of the course is a practical approach to maintaining Menegotti products. Therefore, the presentation of the training equipment will take place through demonstration of preventive and corrective maintenance in a theoretical and practical way, and of assembly and disassembly of the products.

Spare Parts

MGT has an online portal to access the exploded views of its products, so it is always updated with the newest version, as well as old models.

All equipment comes with a technical product manual.

The purchase of spare parts and preventive maintenance can be done through our distributor customers, technical assistants, as well as directly with the Industry.

Consumers of MGT products have at their disposal a highly trained team to support the entire Network of Technical Assistants, guiding eventual repairs and maintenance on their products, machines and equipment. The company has a large stock of spare parts and accessories, and all services are oriented to care for the performance and useful life of the products.


To be a leader in Latin America in the supply and manufacture of quality and competitive products in our lines.


To supply in a sustainable way (1) products and services to the market with a commitment to increase the productivity, safety and profitability of our customer (2).

(1) Balance between economic, environmental and social divisions.

(2) Focus on product development.


  • Guide our actions according to customers’ expectations;
  • Have a winning attitude;
  • Strive for results;
  • Valuing the human being;
  • Be ethical;
  • Innovate;
  • Grow sustainably.